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About Us

Our Values

Family history, family generations, and family values combined form the basis of all great farming partnerships. Our family is no different. As we go through inevitable intergenerational change and forge progressively into the future, our core objectives in today’s farming life is to leave a legacy of warmth, pride and respect, and to project this into our family and organisation.

Our strong core values are what drives us to succeed and so we hope you can see our vision and passion for breeding premium Angus.


Finally, do what you believe in, do what you see your future is and enjoy the success’s you achieve in life as we all know how precious it can be.


Our History

The family farm has had a long and illustrious association with Australian folklore and our family connection to the land is just as profound. The Muir family has been connected to the land for 7 generations in Western Australia, being the first settlers to bring Angus cattle to the state in the 1890′s. It was not until many years later that the Angus breed started to dominate the herds of Western Australia to become the most prolific breed in the agricultural industry.

It was Graham Muir as a young lad of fifteen years that decided to purchase his first Angus cows in 1956 and the Mordallup Angus herd had its beginnings. The herd slowly gained momentum over the years and by 1969 made its biggest and most significant step into the limelight by purchasing one bull and several cows from New Zealand. This propelled the Mordallup name to where it is today. The stud is still run as a family interest with Graham and Gail now taking a back seat to their son and daughter in-law, Mark and Geraldine, and 2 out of their 4 daughters, Diana and Bec, now operating the business.

The Next Generation

"Growing up in a rural area was a privilege and exposed me to a unique type of lifestyle. As a kid, my weekends involved helping my Dad and Grandad on the farm, learning as much as I could. My interest and enthusiasm for the Angus breed therefore started at a young age. I began my schooling in Manjimup before completing my final two years of secondary education at Harvey Agricultural College. After graduating I moved straight back to the farm to work full-time alongside my family. There are so many reasons why I’m passionate about breeding Angus today. The main being that we are able to breed cattle to what we envisage as the ultimate package for our environment, markets and client’s needs.

I recognise and appreciate my family farming heritage, being the 7th generation to work on the land. Being a woman in agriculture does, however, bring its challenges. I think it’s extremely important to recognise the contributions women have made to the industry and to also acknowledge them as leaders and role models to the next generation of female farmers.

I look forward to being a part of the future of our herd and to carry on the tradition and style of our Angus."

Diana Muir

Bec and Diana.jpeg

 Bec and Diana Muir 


This Country We Call Home

Mordalup is situated between Manjimup and Frankland in the wonderful Southern Forests region of Western Australia. We are surrounded by the Lake Muir wetlands and the Tone-Perup Nature Reserve meaning our bushland and lakes are abundant with rare marsupials, diverse birdlife and spectacular wildflowers. The serene nature and stunning environment in which we live in continues to amaze us and the small community in the area.

We average about 700mL of rainfall per annum with the majority of our rainfall falling between mid-May till late October. Our winter is cool and wet while our summer/autumn period is generally mild with hot and dry periods. Our soils are duplex and range from rich loamy soils to sand, gravel and clay loams. Our low lying country also helps us with green pick into the early summer.

Mordallup Angus would like to acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of country around Mordalup, those who lived and passed through this area and their connections to land.

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