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Our Yearling Program

Purchasing a bull for your breeding program is an important investment. Therefore, why not make it one that provides returns a season earlier. Mordallup Angus premium yearlings are ready to work a full season ahead of a normal 2 year old bull, giving you the ability to have calves on the ground and have bred new genetics sooner.


That's not just good commercial sense; that's a smart investment.

For many years we have always had the desire to market and sell our bulls at 12-13 months of age. It made so much sense to do so as the positives far outweighed the negatives.

Here's why buying a premium yearling bull from Mordallup Angus

makes good commercial sense:

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Ready for work immediately

Mordallup Logo BULL ONLY.png

A full season ahead of a typical 2 year old bull, meaning you have calves on the ground 12 months earlier

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Gain new genetics sooner

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Sexually mature

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Longer working life - an extra 2 years compared to buying older bulls

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Able to assimilate into your bull herd easier

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