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Our Females

Mordallup Sale heifers-Edit-Edit.jpg

Our Cow Herd

Great cow herds are a sight to be seen. That's why at Mordallup we place great emphasis and dedication to select breeding principles that deliver strong and powerful females. Generations of our breeding can be seen right through our herd, with big volume based matrons that are functional, consistent and highly fertile. Our cow herd has proven time and again that they produce and wean outstanding calves, showcasing their exceptional performance and our commitment to breeding a great cow herd.


Over time we will endeavour to upload updated photos of our cow herd, as this will give you the best perspective of our breeding.

Power House of Mordallup

There may be no better way to view our female herd than in person, however here is a small snippet to show you why the Mordallup Females are highly spoke of.

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