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Sires That Left a Legacy

Mordallup King B72

King B72 is the ONLY bull Australian bull to be featured in the book " Angus Legends- The Bulls" produced by the American Angus Hall of Fame. B72 won the 1983 WA Bull Trial (the only grass fed test Australia) and recorded an average daily weight gain of 1.71kgs. He was trait leader for 200,400 and 600 day weight EBV's.


35,000 units of semen were collected and sold all around the world to 12 different country's. Mordallup King B72 enjoyed a long life of 12years and left a lasting mark in the great beef-producing nation and beyond. His epitaphed, " A quite gentle bull that did his job with no fuss and left us a legacy forever." If you dug deep into our pedigrees you'll find his influence in many of our animals. 


The never ending search for another bull to replace old King B72 will be hard and maybe we’ll never find him.

Braveheart of Stern

Braveheart has certainly done us well in the cow herd over many years. Its amazing when you go to select young bulls to retain in our herd that almost always has Braveheart somewhere in the pedigree. Attributes of Braveheart progeny is the do-ability, milk well, long bodied with great muscling coupled with phenomenal feet and legs. We still have direct daughters in the herd at aged 14 years old and not missing a beat. Still perfectly sound females. 

Mordallup Moorook L141

If theres one thing making a real stamp in our herd its the progeny and grand progeny of Braveheart of Stern. Moorook L141 dam "Mordallup Ruth G147" is an outstanding matron in our herd producing three stud sires. L141 was used as a yearling and never missed a beat. Progeny are strong topped, heavy muscled with exceptionally long bodied frames. You can't go past a daughter without saying "wow". Retained a son of his for stud duties, Mordallup Bakadjoo P40, who has bred excatly the way we thought he would.

Mordallup Moorook L141.jpg

Mordallup Thunder H131

Thunder H131 has been used in our herd extensively for a long time. He’s a bull that at any time of the year is always “fat”. He is very correct with a perfect body structure, carries his condition well and has a perfect temperament; these desirable traits are consistently passed onto his progeny. We have continually used sons of his within the stud and commercial herds. Daughters are now well and truly entrenched into the herd and are now shining highlights of the breed. Past buyers of Thunder H131 sons have expressed high praise of the tremendous imprint they have put into their herds. His maternal sister Georgette L150 is the dam of Renown P42 “Thumpa”.

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